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Happy Spooktober, Clubbers!

Hi kids!

It's that spooky time of the year again. You all live in different areas of the United States, but I hope wherever you are the leaves are changing to deep reds, roasted oranges, and crisp golden yellows and that the weather is cool and fresh. My favorite thing about the fall is Halloween, because carving pumpkins is the best!

Do you carve pumpkins every October? Well, I have made a cut out with instructions for you and a parent or guardian at home. Download the sheet below and follow the instructions to make a Carole Marsh Mystery pumpkin.

1) Get a pumpkin - I like smaller pumpkins because they take less time to prepare and usually have less of the "pumpkin guts" to scoop out of the middle.

2) Print out you stencil from the Mystery Club page (below) and cut off the extra paper.m

3) Wet the design and place it on the flat side of your pumpkin. Use a a pen or fork to poke through the pattern on the black edges. See the pictures below for more guidance.

4) The last step is to cut along the line you have made in the pumpkin until you are happy with the design! Just remember to WET, APPLY, POKE, and CARVE.

* Note with the spy glass design, you will need a toothpick or bobby pin to keep the middle section in. (See in the picture below)

Hope you have a blast doing this activity and have a safe Halloween.

Send your pumpkin pics to!

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