• Abbi (CMMC President)

5 Great and Green Activities for St. Patrick's Day!

Plan a Family Scavenger Hunt

Who said Easter was the only time to have a family scavenger hunt? Get some gold chocolate coins from the store and hide them in the nooks and crannies of your house – whoever finds the most gets a prize (maybe a new Carole Marsh Mystery book)!

Make Shamrock Slime

Slime is so popular right now! My 11-year-old brother makes big batches of different colored slimes and plays with them for days. Put a St.Patrick’s Day twist on this gooey craft by adding gold and green coloring and mixing in some glitter for a sparkly addition. Ask a parent to help you search for a simple slime recipe online and get creative with it.

Dress Up as a Leprechaun

Find items around your house that you think the mythical leprechaun would wear. Then, call all of your family into an area and make up a St. Patrick’s Day story! Some topics you could talk about are:

  • Why there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

  • Why the four-leaf-clover is lucky

  • How green became the official color of St. Patrick’s Day

  • How the leprechaun got so small

Eat Green Food

I found this delicious recipe on a blog page that I will attach below for GREEN POPCORN! I think popcorn is a great snack and we eat it very often here in Carole Marsh’s office! Good news is this recipe only takes 8 minutes to make! Bad news…well you might have some green stained hands. Check it out:!


Of course, on St. Patrick’s Day you should wear something green! Take your shamrockin’ look to the next level with all green everything! Hats, shirts, pants, socks, shoes! How much green do you have?


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