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Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Hey Mystery Solvers!

I’m sure you’re all already enjoying your Girl Scout cookies for the year. We sure are! We love seeing our fellow Scouts all over town selling the delicious treats. This time of year always reminds me of when our troop discovered a cookie thief!

The season started out like it does every year with our Cookie Rally. Mimi and Papa came to chaperone the event, and Mimi even decorated a table at the rally about “Cookie Selling Safety Tips.” She wanted to make sure we all knew how important it was to wear our uniforms, have a buddy and an adult with us when going door-to-door to sell the cookies. Then it was announced that the Sweet Treat Bakery, which was only an hour away from where we lived, had just been selected to be one of three bakeries in the United States to make Girl Scout cookies! AND the bakery had picked our troop to come visit for a behind-the-scenes tour to see how the cookies were made!

We should have known it… during the bakery tour a mystery found us! We were walking through a room filled with machines and ingredients when we saw one of the bakers drop some black morsels in a pot labeled SHORTBREAD. Next thing we know, a loud alarm starts blaring through the bakery! A botched batch had been made and had already departed on a delivery truck! You’ll have to read the book learn what happened next, but I’ll let you read the first three chapters here.

Do you love Girl Scout cookies too? What are your favorite flavors? Send us pictures of you with your favorite cookies and we’ll share them on the site!

See you later!


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