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Secret Message Decoded!

Hey Kids! Last month I told you about a big announcement we had for you. I also sent you a secret message that you had to decode. Luckily some of you were able to do it (Go Dean!). For those who want to try again, you can find the decoder here. STOP reading here to go figure it out. For those of you who want to know now, here it is:


Yes, that’s right kids, I’ve written a brand new book about one of my favorite places, the Seattle Space Needle. When my husband and I traveled around the United States for three years doing research, photography and writing, our visit to Seattle was one of my fondest memories. The Space Needle was so remarkable to me; it was so much fun, and the views so fantastic. I felt like I was in a James Bond movie, and just knew this locale and history would make an intriguing mystery for kids!

You can find out more about the book here and right now I’m giving a discount (that means I’ve made it cheaper) because I want you to read it! Use discount code DEAR2016 and get 10% off the book.

Be sure to send me a review of the Mystery at the Space Needle and I’ll post it for everyone to read. Send your reviews to

Thanks for traveling with me, Carole xo

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