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Grant's Back to School Prep

What’s up Mystery Solvers?

It’s Grant! I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation! I know I did! Christina and I went to Peru and it was awesome, you should read about it in The Mystery at Machu Picchu. Our trip was so full of great adventures that I almost forgot school even existed!

My grandmother, Mimi told me that I had to go back to school before my mind turned to mush! At first I was really sad about summer ending, but after talking to Mimi I remembered how fun school can be if you’re ready for it. She said I should start preparing by making a list: “How to Prepare for a New School Year”, I think it’s a silly idea but let’s do it anyways!

How to Prepare for the New School Year

  1. I think we should read at least two books before we go back to get ours minds moving again. My favorites are Mystery at Shark Reef and Columbia Lastname.

  2. We need to stop staying up so late and get used to going to bed, so waking up in the morning is easy!

  3. Our school supplies need to be ready and organized so we can start the year off ready!

  4. We should learn to make packed lunches, so our parents don’t have to! I mean, we’re mystery solvers for goodness sake, we can definitely make our own lunches!!

  5. Lastly, set goals for the new year. (My goal is to make all A’s!)

What do you think of my list? Can you think of anymore ideas that would help us start the year off great??? I hope you like your new teacher and classmates! I’m really hoping to have some friends in mine. Anyway, I hope my list helped you prepare for a great new school year!


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