Fun 4th of July Reads!

Hey kids, I can’t believe that it’s already time to celebrate the Fourth of July! This summer is flying by! Did you know that I have a bunch of books about the history of American Independence as well as books with American Patriotism themes? And they aren’t all mysteries either. I have some really great books that will give you the history and facts also… - - - - - << American Patriotism >> I put some of my favorite mysteries and activity books here. These would be great books to read as you celebrate Independence Day with your family and friends! The Madcap Mystery of the Missing Liberty Bell - When Christina discovers that the Liberty Bell hanging in Liberty Center is a fake, she enlists

Take cover! Hurricane season is here!

Hey guys, Did you realize 2017 hurricane season officially began on June 1?! In case you don’t know, a hurricane is a large storm that has high winds rotating around a low pressure area called the eye. The winds have to blowing faster than 74 miles an hour. If the winds are slower than this, the storm is called a tropical storm, not a hurricane. You don’t have to be afraid of hurricanes happening in the winter, because there are special conditions that are needed for one to form. The ocean water must be warm – as warm as 79 degrees Fahrenheit, kind of like bath water. When the warm, moist air rises above the water and meets the cooler air above it, it attracts trade winds that start spiralin

Summer Travel Books!

Hey kids! From what I’ve heard, school’s out for summer! I’m sure you are all beyond excited for summer vacation. I hope you will continue to read over the break though! I have always thought that summer is the perfect time to read the books that you pick out for fun! Are you going on vacation this summer? I may just have a mystery book that’s based where you are going! I even have a map of the United States that calls out where each of my Real Kids Real Places mysteries are based - check it out here. Are you traveling to the Northeast? Cape Cod – The Mystery at Cape Cod - We visited the peaceful Cape Cod National Seashore, but found ourselves awash in a mystery filled with shifting sand dun

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