Ghost of the Golden Gate Bridge

Hey Mystery Solvers! Have you ever been to San Francisco, California? One time Mimi, Papa, Grant and I took a trip to visit the foggy city in northern California. I love San Francisco! There is so much to do and see… ride the cable cars up and down the hilly streets, see the famous row of colorful homes called the Painted Ladies, eat authentic Asian cuisine in Chinatown, visit the creepy old prison on Alcatraz Island, see the city from the tallest building at Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill, and, my favorite, ride over the Golden Gate Bridge! I was amazed to learn that the Golden Gate Bridge is not actually gold. It’s a rust color called international orange. So why is it called the Golden Gate

To the races! Kentucky Derby weekend

Hi guys! I’m so excited because it’s one of my favorite weekends of the year… Kentucky Derby weekend! The 2017 Kentucky Derby is taking place tomorrow, May 6! The Derby is the longest running sporting event in U.S. history – the first race took place on May 17, 1875. Back then the race was started by a group of friends who formed the Louisville Jockey Club. The first race included just 15 Thoroughbred horses and a crowd of 10,000 people. Now the Derby brings in crowds of more than 165,000 fans, features 20 racing horses, and has become famous for red roses and outrageous hats! I fell in love with the Kentucky Derby a few years ago when Christina and I went to the race with Mimi and Papa. We

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