April is National Poetry Month!

Hey kids! Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? I’m sure many of you have been learning about poetry at school this month. I love poetry! Some people think that writing poems is hard, but I disagree. Actually, I have a book dedicated to helping kids get started with writing their own poetry! It’s called the Perfectly Polished Poetry Skillbuilder activity book and it contains tons of poetry writing activities. Here are some more of my ideas to get you started with your own poetry… Let’s Get Vertical: Acrostic Poems - Begin be writing your name vertically. Then think of a descriptive word or phrase that begins with each of the letters in your name! Partner Poem Writing - Do you hav

Where's Priscilla? Boston Marathon Mystery

Hey guys! Have you heard of the Boston Marathon? It’s the oldest marathon race in the U.S. that is held every year in Boston, Massachusetts. Well, the 2017 race is coming up soon – on April 17! A few years ago Papa and Mimi took Christina and me to “Bean Town” (Boston) to visit our Aunt Emma, Uncle Fritz, and cousins Priscilla, Derian and C.F. during the Boston Marathon! We found out so much about local Boston culture during our trip! We ate lobsters, learned that the race is always held on Patriot’s Day and has taken place every year since 1897 when only 18 men ran in the race. And our older cousin, Priscilla, was actually running in the marathon! We woke up really early on race day and ate

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