Learn About the Candidates

Hey Mystery Solvers! Christina again. Did you know a big presidential race is going on right now? We have a new flip book Learn About the 2016 Candidates explaining the candidates representing the two main political parties! It’s a big deal that we understand why this upcoming election is important! Hillary Clinton is our representative for the Democratic Party, and could potentially be our first female president! Wouldn’t that be crazy after having only male presidents for the past 227 years to finally have a woman represent our country? Her side of the flip book starts by telling you who she is and what she likes. You can also learn where she stands on some political matters, her path to r

Have you ever been spit on by a llama before?

Hey Mystery Solvers, Christina here, I just wanted to know if you have ever been spit on by a llama before? Grant and I just returned from our trip with Mimi and Papa from Peru. I’m not sure if you know where Peru is located on a map, but is on the west cost of South America, right between Ecuador and Chile. There were so many wild llamas roaming around there, and as Grant and I discovered, they will spit on you if you get too close! Yuck! Anyway, we travelled to Peru to see the Incan Ruins of Machu Picchu- it was so cool! Lots of hiking though, I had to make sure to bring really comfy shoes or I would have so many blisters right now! While exploring around we met two friends named Asiri an

Our Trip to Massachusetts rocked!

Hey Mystery Solvers, Hope your summer was great! It’s Grant again, and I have to be the first one to tell you… we went on another adventure! This time Christina and I traveled to Massachusetts. Have you ever been there? Massachusetts is the state with Plymouth Rock!! How cool is that? I just learned about the Pilgrims, Indians and Plymouth Rock in History class last year. When Mimi first told us we were going, I pictured the big Thanksgiving feast from 1620 and was secretly hoping it was still happening (I’m always hungry). Unfortunately, the feast had already ended. :/ But we had plenty to keep us entertained, we found another mystery to solve! Actually, I’m starting to think the mysteries

Grant's Back to School Prep

What’s up Mystery Solvers? It’s Grant! I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation! I know I did! Christina and I went to Peru and it was awesome, you should read about it in The Mystery at Machu Picchu. Our trip was so full of great adventures that I almost forgot school even existed! My grandmother, Mimi told me that I had to go back to school before my mind turned to mush! At first I was really sad about summer ending, but after talking to Mimi I remembered how fun school can be if you’re ready for it. She said I should start preparing by making a list: “How to Prepare for a New School Year”, I think it’s a silly idea but let’s do it anyways! How to Prepare for the New School Year I think we

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