Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Hey Mystery Club! Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd – May 6th. With summer approaching, I realize you are excited to have some free time. Before you race off into summer, don’t forget to show your teacher how much you appreciate them. Here are seven ways to say “thanks” to your teacher, without spending your allowance: Write a teacher appreciation poem. Show off those skills you’ve polished all throughout the year by crafting beautifully worded prose that will make them proud. Printable cards can be found online and are a wonderful and inexpensive way to make your teacher feel special. Gallopade created this one just for you! FREE TEACHER APPRECIATION CARD Be old fashioned and bring them

Secret Message Decoded!

Hey Kids! Last month I told you about a big announcement we had for you. I also sent you a secret message that you had to decode. Luckily some of you were able to do it (Go Dean!). For those who want to try again, you can find the decoder here. STOP reading here to go figure it out. For those of you who want to know now, here it is: LOOK FOR A NEW REAL KIDS REAL PLACES MYSTERY ABOUT SEATTLE COMING IN APRIL Yes, that’s right kids, I’ve written a brand new book about one of my favorite places, the Seattle Space Needle. When my husband and I traveled around the United States for three years doing research, photography and writing, our visit to Seattle was one of my fondest memories. The Space

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