I Love Hearing From You Readers!

Thank you for the kind words, Adelaide! “Thanks for being a good author I’ve read one of your books and I’m already attached to your books. The book I read was The Mystery at Hollywood it was such a good book. I’m reading so many books right now from different authors it’s hard to keep track. Sincerely, Adelaide” About The Mystery at Hollywood: Christina, Grant, Mimi and Papa fly The Mystery Girl into Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA and travel to glamorous Hollywood, only to find themselves involved in a mystery searching for a glittery rhinestone. The mystery is action packed as they tour all of Hollywood’s famous tourist attractions, experience California cuisine, and an earthquake. Alo

Book Review: The Mystery at Disney World

Dean, thank you so much for this book review! Keep reading, and feel free to submit more, and this goes for any of you kids! This is a kids book review of “The Mystery at Disney World” by Carole Marsh: PROS: It is a good book, showing some of the cool things at Disney World. It is an intriguing mystery for younger kids. CONS It is a bit outdated (Extra TERRORestrial Alien Encounter, part of the map, George W. Bush, Etc.) Parts of it don’t make sense, or are unrealistic (Grant and Christina have heard the story of W. Disney “hundreds of times” yet they have a ton of questions about it, the whole kidnapping “gig”, etc.) Conclusion: It is a rather good book for kids 7 to 10, and I would recom

Exciting News & a SECRET MESSAGE

Hello there! We are so happy to see you back on the Mystery Club blog! You have just taken your first steps to being a member of the Carole Marsh Mystery Club! In the following months, those who sign up will receive newsletters from the Mystery Club Team with all sorts of exclusive information about the books. Contests! News and Trivia! Games! Activities! Be the first to hear everything new and spectacular about all things Carole Marsh Mysteries! Most importantly, you’ll be the first to know about new books and events! For instance, there’s going to be a big announcement coming soon! And I do mean BIG! Like, Statue of Liberty big! That’s how BIG it will be! I wish I could tell you more, but

"Write Your Own Mystery" Contest Winners!

I am so excited to be able to announce the two WINNERS of my Write Your Own Mystery Contest that we hosted in January! Introducing budding authors : Madison Denton, our Elementary School age winner for her story, Operation Spark! and Lauren Silcock, our Middle School age winner for her story, A Beautiful Scent! If you want to read their winning stories, just click on their name or title! A very big thank you to all who participated and made this contest so wonderful for me. It warms my heart to read so many imaginative stories from kids like you! If you ever get hit with inspiration, WRITE! And feel free to send it to me as well, I’d love to read anything you kids write, from stories and

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